This site may help you with amazing Happy Christmas Images and Merry Christmas Wallpapers. Finally! Holidays have started with Thanksgiving and great dinner with friends and family. We are sure you enjoyed turkey dinner. Now be ready to welcome Christmas 2017, followed by the new year. For most of us, Christmas is the best time of the year and we never get to know when it’s over. So, if you don’t want to regret later about not enjoying Christmas enough, it's time to make new plans and start the Christmas celebrations. 

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We have tried our best to collect beautiful moments of Christmas in the form of Merry Christmas Images and Christmas wallpapers 2017 which are of HD quality and desktop resolution. The atmosphere and feel of Christmas will be there whenever you will be in front of the desktop screen.
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> Three details have been used to estimate the year when Jesus began preaching, one more relating date of building of the Temple in Jerusalem, and the death of John the Baptist. Scholars estimate that Jesus began preaching and gathering followers, around AD 28-29. by these three reasons, December 25th is decided as Holy day and celebrating the eve Christmas.  in early 4 BC Romans calendar was containing the Christmas on 25th December later on all east nations also accepting the same date for celebrations.

In the Russian Countries, Christmas eve was celebrated on 7th January due to 12 days difference in the newer Gregorian and older Julian calenders. In Australia, Christmas may occur in summer season Christmas and National boxing day are recognized as national holiday and workers will be having off to their work and pay celebrations are similar to the mixed tradition of the United Kingdom and North America.  In the New Zealand national boxing day and Christmas are on the same day. For the Christmas about three and half days all businesses and service must close. Celebrations are mostly similar to Australia and mixed culture of the United Kingdom and North America tradition.
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In early middle ages Christmas was a special day where 40 days were a holiday for the people before December 25th that is almost from November 11th onward it will be holidays, later on, High middle ages they are changed and only days from December 25th to January 5th and these are twelve Holidays for them. 
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This free Christmas Images 2016 can be used to wish your friends and family. If you are looking for wishes to add-on Christmas cards we have a whole category dedicated to wishes and Christmas greetings. You may have some unique and interesting Merry Christmas Photos and Pics to add to our collection to make it more beautiful. So don’t hold back yourself, if you have something to share, share it with the world and spread the Happiness and say  Merry Christmas to our readers.
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